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With an MFA Specializing in Film Production Richard Boyce founded Island Bound Media Works in the year 2000 on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  As a cinematographer Boyce has worked from the icy streets of Montreal to the heat of the Sahara Desert, across the USA and Canada, to the wild and wet climate of Canada’s Pacific coast.

Uniquely situated to provide production services in remote wilderness, Boyce concentrates on the Ancient Rainforest of Vancouver Island along the West Coast of Canada.

Versatile, Mobile, Transferable

to anywhere in the world.


Owner & Operator

  • 2 x Full HD Camera Packages, Sound, Accessories
  • On-Location Editing & Data Back-up
  • Off-Line Edit Suite & Data Back-up
  • Shooting experience with various production formats:

16mm & 35mm film, Video including digital, Beta SP, and HDTV for release via broadcast television, theatrical and festival film screenings, educational, DVD, and websites.

Tree Climbing

  • climbing team & gear capable of shooting high up in the canopy
  • maneuver up in giant trees establishing elevators, traverses, platforms
  • minimize damage to ecosystem while maximizing visuals


Sea Kayaking

  • customized methods & gear to allow moving shots in ocean, lakes, and rivers
  • navigational experience with remote coastal expeditions
  • kayak and gear to survive for long periods of time in the wilderness
  • support team, equipment, and boats


Wilderness Expeditions

  • gear & personnel prepared for wilderness shooting in all weather
  • self-sufficient and ready to work independent or in collaboration with others


Production Guiding Services

  • lifelong experience exploring west coast, temperate rainforest, mountains
  • first-hand knowledge of shooting in remote locations
  • experience guiding several production crews – references available

Boyce&ChrisNapSitkaBoyce and crew rest in a giant Sitka Spruce Tree

60 meters (180ft) above the floor of the ancient rainforest


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