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A cinematic kayak journey exploring the narrow channels and maze of islands of BC’s North Coast precisely where hundreds of supertankers loaded with millions of barrels of Alberta Tarsands will navigate if the Enbridge Corporation is allowed to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline to access oil markets in China. This film takes a first-hand look at the coast, its natural features, the weather, the currents, the wildlife, and the people who live there.


I was taken away by the breathtaking beauty, peace, and importance of the coast… Boyce’s mixture of hope, urgency and information left me with tears in my eyes… watch this movie. It is the most solid collection of data and evidence about tankers that I have come across yet.

Natalie Dunsmuir – Island Tides

Incredible film… honest and comprehensive!!! I don’t think there is any other film out there that has covered this topic so completely.

Judith Kemp – Communities to Protect Our Coast

The risks are undeniable, the breathtaking beauty under threat incomprehensible. These videos and Richard Boyce’s commentary are exceptional. They capture the rugged beauty and danger of the British Columbia Central Coast.
Richard Hughes – Cowichan Conversations

Boyce’s knowledge of and passion for the well being of BC’s environmentally sensitive central coast is obvious, and Coastal Tar Sands offers some of the most comprehensive first-hand reporting available on the subject of Northern Gateway.  Tyler Batten – Alternatives Journal

Directed and Produced by: Richard Boyce

Duration: 77 minutes           Release Format: HD Video

© 2014 Island Bound Media


Producers: Richard Boyce and Marie Laviolette

Director: Richard Boyce

Executive Producer: Richard Boyce

Director of Photography: Richard Boyce

Additional Photography: Jenn Dickie, Marie Laviolette, Peter Mettler, Peter Schaublin

Music: Layla Zoe, Richard Sales

Location Sound: Richard Boyce, Marie Laviolette

Editors: Richard Boyce, Lane Franklin


2014 World Community Film Festival – Comox, BC

2015 Salt Spring Film Festival ***Audience Favorite

Saltspring Island – Ganges, BC


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