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A gritty portrait of 3 homeless men living on the streets near Guy metro in Montreal. Made over a period of 6 years, the film follows the ups and downs of these deteriorating lives and is an intense, intimate portrait of street life.


“A raw nerve of a film” - Vancouver Sun

“The Street has a raw, visceral force that draws in the viewer; the main characters, a desperate group, are never less than riveting.” - Variety

Directed by: Daniel Cross & Richard Boyce

Duration: 78 minutes           Release Format: 35mm film

©1997 EyeSteelFilm and Necessary Illusions


Producer/Director: Daniel Cross

Co-Director: Richard Boyce

Executive Producer: Peter Wintonick

Cinematographer: Richard Boyce

Location Sound: Daniel Cross

Editor: Peter Wintonick


Vancouver International Film Festival
People’s Choice Award for Most Popular Documentary
Special Jury Feature Award for Documentaries
September 1996, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vermont International Film Festival
Best Social Documentary
October 1996 Burlington, Vermont, USA

Hot Docs International Documentary Festival
People’s Choice Award for Most Popular Film
Nomination for “Best Feature”

March 1997 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joan C. Chalmers Awards
Nomination for “Outstanding Canadian Documentary”

April 1997 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chicago Film Festival
Silver Hugo Award
September 1998 Chicago, Illinois, USA


Theatrical Release Across Canada

TV Broadcasts: CBC-Cinema Canada, Société Radio-Canada,

TV-Ontario, DOC Channel, Independent Film Channel


Message to Man Film Festival
St. Petersburg, Russia

Galway Film Fleadh
July 1996, Galway, Ireland

Cork Film Festival,
November 1996, Cork, Ireland

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films,
April 1997, Argentina

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival
May 1997 Munich, Germany

Mumbai International Film Festival
Feature Competition
October 1997, Mumbai, India

Atlantic Film Festival
September 1996, Halifax, Nova Scotia


After completing ‘The Street’ Richard Boyce continued to collaborated with Daniel Cross from 2006-2011 working as an Outreach worker for Homeless Nation, helping to empower 350 people living without shelter in Victoria, BC.

Hundreds of Montreal’s homeless community shared their many, amazing stories during the making of ‘The Street.’ So many, that they were not able to fit into the film. Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavour founded by Daniel Cross, conceived of as a web-based forum where these stories would not be lost. Where Canada’s homeless community could share their stories and refuse to be ignored. A place to create equal access to online media, of sharing truths through audio/visual content for everyone to learn from. To have these stories told as an on-going dialogue for social awareness and positive change. This non-profit website provided homeless people with the tools to voice opinions and stories via text, photos, and videos. Homeless Nation grew to include 5,000 people across Canada.




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